The balsam room is the cultivation and care

Impatiens, can be called a common houseplant, and its popularity is due to the fact that this plant is not demanding in terms of care. There are only a few rules to follow when growing this flower, and he in return will delight you with abundant blooms.
Impatiens flowers are easy to breed, and even beginners can successfully grow on their window sills.There is an indoor and garden forms of this plant. How to grow Impatiens in the garden described in the article:

The balsams can be divided into annual and perennial types. As a rule, perennial species are usually grown in terms of the sill, and annuals in the garden.
In fact, the balsams are tropical plants, and their homeland is the island of Zanzibar and the territory of Europe Impatiens was introduced in 1596. There are so many species of plants, among which we can find herbaceous and shrubs, and all of them joined in the family of Balzaminov. A lot of the types was derived artificially. The most popular include such species as potted Impatiens Waller, the hybrids of the group "New Guinea", basket balsams.

These flowers bloom all year round beautiful and bright flowers, at the sight of the flowers distinguish simple and double types are shaped like roses. Traditionally grown balsams with bright pink or red flowers, for which the people of this flower called the even and light. But now bred varieties with flowers of yellow, orange, white, lilac, white, and even multicolor. Change the natural color has touched the leaves of the Impatiens, they can be green, Burgundy, reddish or simply colorful.

Cuttings ready to plant

Propagation of Impatiens
Balsams are propagated from both seeds and cuttings. And cuttings, this plant reproduces very simply and at any time of the year. To get the stalk is cut the tip at any of the branches of plants, purify it from the lower leaves and put the cutting in water. After some time at the end of the cutting of the roots will appear as soon as the roots grow up and become a length of 1.5-2cm plant can be planted in the soil.

You can propagate Impatiens and seeds. To do this, take place the pot to fill with any soil nutrient and its good to moisturize. After this, the seeds of the balsam should be spread on the soil surface and create over a pot hotbed. To fill the seeds with soil do not. To create hotbed enough to put the pot in a transparent plastic bag, tie it up and the greenhouse ready.

Requirements to the soil
Special requirements to the soil this plant not be enough of any nutrients and loose soil.

That's probably the only time in the cultivation of this plant to which it is very demanding. Impatiens are very poorly tolerate even short-term drought, it is even nicknamed the "roly wet". The soil in the pot of this plant should always be moist, it is moist, but not wet. Overflow can be fraught with formation of rot. So the recommended irrigation mode – noticed that the ground began to dry out -just water.

Impatiens-room – care

As already mentioned, the plants do not require special care. Impatiens prefers bright window sills, and in the summer the pots can be put on balcony or transplanted into the garden. But the scorching sun Impatiens do not tolerate, it starts to burn the leaves. Good grows in partial shade, but in the shade to keep it should not, otherwise the plant will grow stunted and cease to grow.
With regard to the temperature that these plants feel good at temperatures above +15 °C, try to avoid in the winter, lowering the temperature below 10-12°C.
For good growth and abundant flowering, the plants need to fertilize, especially in the flowering period. Need feeding regularly every 10-14 days.
If the plants are grown, it is required to perform renewal pruning.

Balsams are rarely suffer from pests, but most often in the indoor environment affects spider mites. Define it just on the leaves appear on the web and small light spots. For control of this pest need to increase the humidity in the room and spray the plant any special drug, suitable for example, Fitoverm.



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