Tesla Model S can be started with the iPhone

Tesla never ceases to amaze with innovation. And if the electric car Model S for comfort and performance characteristics are not inferior to the flagship sedans with internal combustion engines of other manufacturers have all become accustomed, and Express a battery replacement there are few who are surprised, you can start a car through the app on a normal iPhone, Tesla will introduce almost the first. We are talking not about some futuristic concept, which in mass production is unlikely, but the machine that is increasingly common on the roads, and which is making sustained attempts to oust the cars on traditional fuel.

On the eve of the leadership of Tesla, there were reports that the sixth version of the mobile app Model S OS will be able to remotely start the engine, even without the presence of a driver inside the car. Innovation will be available only to owners of "Apple" smartphone, but for all other clients Tesla engine start is traditionally available only with buttons. And even referring to repair your Samsung galaxy, to add such functionality, there will not.

To protect against unauthorized access to this feature, the motor starting can be carried out only by scanning the fingerprint pattern that is registered in the memory onboard the vehicle system at the stage of purchase.

The company believes that such security measures will completely eliminate the possibility of theft of the vehicle as the attackers, unlike the regular alarms, you will not be able to intercept radio signals.

More detailed details technology remote engine start, representatives of Tesla does not disclose, explaining that all the same security measures. But even on the basis of available information it can be assumed that the new functionality is almost the perfect solution among their own kind.

The release date of the updated application Model S OS V. 6.0, the manufacturer is not yet known, but the appearance of the first data about the specifications indicates the location of this event. Most likely, the new software is fully declassify on one of the upcoming themed events, and with more certainty we can say that it will happen at the consumer electronics show in Berlin.

Source: zeleneet.com


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