What you need to know about baby food from the jar


Jars, and fruit surprise not only high demand but also the range. Fruit, berries, vegetables, meat, cereals, cream under each trademark dozens of titles. In a previous publication we told in detail about 5 reasons for the popularity of the baby puree in jars, and now consider the probable harm that may cause such foods to your child's body.

Nutritionists, pediatricians and parents disagree on this issue. We can distinguish three weighty argument against a portion of canned food.

Taste great food from homemade.

The difficulty of weaning a child from a homogeneous consistency.

Unpredictable quality.

What flavor of baby food in jars?

Even if when opening the container he heard a distinctive cotton, parents still have to taste the food that they offer to your child. Many wonder how strange is the content. It is clear that the majority of the purees contain no salt, sugar, flavors. But they are often not just sweet, but unnatural, too different from those that mom prepared yourself.

The reason for that is merciless grinding and intensive heat treatment, which precedes the vacuum pack. However, to transfer the child from such a refined meal at the family table is very difficult. What will be the taste of the specific food in the first months of complementary feeding, depend on future preferences and the ability to organize healthy baby food at school age.

The child is lazy to chew

The consistency of baby puree under different brands are also different. For example, meat and fish convenient scoop with a spoon, but some even at room temperature remain solid, as if sealed with starch. Mix with potatoes or green vegetables such substance is not easy. We have simply cut with a spoon into pieces. But in any case, food in jars crushed as much as possible and is a homogeneous mass.

It's good at feeding the baby to the old. But later, when enough already erupted teeth, the food should become more rude. A reasonable load is very important for the health of the gums and teeth. Prepared vegetable puree jars easier for everyone: parents get to save time on cooking, and the children of forces on the chewing. The result is that upon reaching the age of two, some toddlers refuse salads, normal soups, vegetable stews. They still require a blend of meals, recognizing only the familiar consistency.

In adults, there are many problems. Time and effort on endless persuasion is not enough, hungry beloved child too will not leave, no tricks (decoration of dishes, disguise) do not help. The vagaries of the threat table. Even if the baby will give in to parental pressure, he has a great chance to choke, swallowing the tears with food.

Another difficulty is that "homogeneous" diet will be restricted. If you skip through the blender buckwheat with meat or baked potato with chicken, the output is very viscous, thick mass is quite unappetizing. The habit of normal food sometimes comes only in kindergarten.

To translate from canned puree on the home at 8-9 months. At first mix, say, "sweet" zucchini with boiled, grated on a fine grater. Then increase your part by reducing canned. It will take about a week. Then on the same principle to grind part of the product grated medium size, closer to the year – large or just mash with a fork.

Are children canned high quality control?

They say that buckwheat is the only culture that has so far failed to cripple genetic modification. Vegetables abound with various additives for fast growth and disease resistance and livestock, which will be the meat saturated with antibiotics and hormones.

It can be assumed that especially for our kids given a large field or the farm, where they grow ingredients for safe baby food. Those who have their own gardens, you know, actually the high price of the natural product, in fact take into account the expenses of time and forces. And if you add marketing costs, packaging, transportation, salaries... Faith in "eco", "organic" and "100% natural" is rapidly eroding.

International scandals associated with the canned food, confirm that in a market economy, the priority is profit. You should carefully read labels to control the cotton loosening of the cover, always stir contents to ensure no third-party items. published


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