In new York, will build a network of high-speed gondolas

A huge number of cars has long been a major problem of modern cities, and most of the engineers are struggling to solve it. East River Skyway plans to deploy a network of high-speed gondolas in new York to relieve the road from daily traffic.

According to the resource Gizmag, the cable car will connect these areas of new York like Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. According to the developer, the gondola can carry up to 5,000 passengers per hour, significantly reducing travel time between areas.

It is also worth noting that the speed is not the only benefit of high-speed gondolas. During the trip passengers will open a beautiful panoramic view of the city. According to the developers, it can attract many tourists to the innovative mode of transport.

"Given the rapid population growth in Brooklyn and Queens, it is very important to adapt to this urban transport system. Data high-speed gondola is relatively simple and cheap method of solving these problems", — says the President of East River Skyway.

At the moment the project is at the development stage and no terms of translating it into practice have not yet been reported. However, urban gondolas are built, it is simple, cheap and ecological way to solve the problem of overflow cities transport.



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