Scientists have created a diamond nanowires

Chemists at the University of Pennsylvania for the first time was able to find a method for the production of ultra-thin diamond nanowires.

New material has extraordinary properties, including strength and stiffness much more than current nanotubes and polymers. As stated by Professor John V. Badding (John V. Badding): "From a fundamental point of view such science news is always intriguing. We made a structure that no one has ever seen before."

A long thin strand of carbon atoms in the diamond yarns located as in the basic structural cell of the natural mineral – zig-zag cyclohexane. The discoverers confirmed the diamond structure of the nanowires by several methods at the University of Pennsylvania, Oak Ridge, the University of Arizona and the Carnegie Institute: x-ray and neutron diffraction, spectroscopy Raman scattering, and solid state nuclear magnetic resonance.



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