Surreal animal sculptures by Wang Ruilin

29-year-old Chinese sculptor Wang Ruilin creates surreal original sculptures of animals. The mystical series of sculptures Wang called "Dreams" (Dreams) and they are made in the spirit and style of Oriental classical art with modern images and techniques and almost all of them in full size.

Animal sculptures by Wang Ruilin carry on their backs and horns, a small "piece" of our planet: mountains, rivers, lakes, meadows and fields. After detailed consideration it creates the illusion that it isn't those animals which we know and the prototypes of those three whales or elephants, in every religion, its revered animals, on whose backs rests the our planet. And it was a divine creation in ancient times, a long time it is believed by many people. Or maybe it's the fabulous characters came from childhood memories after reading fairy tales. Where in the middle of the ocean you can meet the "miracle Judaic-fish-whale" on the back of which a whole a dreamlike state, with fields, homes and people in the world inhabitants. By the way "Chudo-Yudo-Ryba-kit" is a purely Russian folk mythical character of many tales and legends.

Now the exhibition is called "Dreams" takes place in the homeland of the sculptor in Beijing, and then it will begin its voyage around the world. In the meantime, we can read in detail examined photographs on our website.




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