3D without glasses — there is a solution

Everyone knows about 3D video, and the technology gets more and more into our lives. But it is still insufficient modified, and the use of special stereoscopic glasses make the system not very convenient to use. Therefore, the researchers of the MIT Media Lab decided to undertake the creation of a new system of three-dimensional video projection in which the image on the screen will be viewed differently at different angles. Inventors are developing this system as a cross between modern achievements in the sphere of 3D technologies present holography. The main objective is to provide cost-effective and practical system of watching 3D video without glasses and headaches. The developers at MIT created a system that will provide high definition and good viewing angles. And it will be easy to install and cheaper than other holographic systems.

The company said it will work to ensure that their system has become as ubiquitous and ordinary as a 2D image. Technically the system is implemented using a pair of flat liquid crystal modulators operating according to the principle of LCD the LCD displays. The effect of three-dimensional images is achieved by the passage of particles of light through a series of specially arranged lenses and vertically positioned projection screen. Thanks to this picture will change depending on the viewing angle. There are eight such corners. The refresh rate of the images is 240 fps. It's not much, compared to modern TVs, but enough for clear images. The technology used will also allow you to form a contrast and a bright image, but black color is really black. The quality and resolution of the image will also be enhanced due to the interaction of particles of light between them. The system will not just boost the image, and to overlay pixels on top of each other. This technology can be used in any field, from medicine to entertainment.


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