Weight — psychosomatics

If You are overweight, which is unable to cope due to physical exertion, starvation and diets. If after reaching a certain result, after a short time weight returned to "normal" state, you should think about the psychosomatic component of excess weight.

Psychosomatic component of excess weight more often :

Paying attention to yourself – well, the more we are, the we noticeable in a crowd, no matter which context contributes to be visible.

Additional ground – the weight helps us with the lack of zazemlenie, denser to exert pressure on the support, thereby strengthening the contact between us and the earth. Large volume also increases the best contact with clothes, she's beginning to have a reverse resistance, providing an extra sense of zazemlenie.

Fear of death is the greatest fear of man. Dealing with it helps us all sorts of comfort, belonging to a group of people, wealth, hoarding and acquisition.

Stress – the body is designed in such a way that during prolonged stress, it begins to produce fat and decompose it in different parts of our body, thus protected from stress.

"Pseudo life" — talk about diets and excess weight. Thereby providing a secondary benefit of communicating with people on a common theme.

Stress – often a tense part of the body hurts with the direct impact on this place or no impact. Fat like protects this place from contacts, expanding its borders.

Sexuality with heightened sexuality and the impossibility of its expression, due to a ban associated with education, environment, finding, different beliefs, profession of faith, shyness, low self-esteem, lack of confidence etc.

Sensory deafness – anxiety, fear, sexual arousal, activity, experience – all this can be confused with the sensation of hunger. Indeed, seizing sexual arousal is possible, here only need, for example, sexual intimacy was not granted, instead what the body unwanted calories.

Total body relaxation leading to to enable self-regulation, the recovery of all systems of internal organs, and as a consequence the return to normal weight.

How would you hate your excess weight, it is for you to performs some necessary function, and may not one listed above. So by eliminating tension, you will lose weight, and you decrease in volume. If we don't eliminate the cause, then all our attempts will be in vain, Recalling the battles with windmills.


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