Lake national Park USA killed dozens of fish

Recently, the Department of national parks of the United States began an investigation into the mass deaths of fish in the lake, Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Some experts believe that this incident was the result of the use of herbicides to kill invasive plant species in the Park lake, Willow Lake, which is currently undergoing large-scale restructuring in the framework of the plan its transformation into a nature reserve.

Dozens of dead fish were found near the coast of Western and Eastern shores of the artificial lake that was created specifically for the world exhibition in 1940. This lake is home to large carp, heterandria and American eel, but to catch any fish is prohibited. The nature reserve will include not only the beautiful lake, Willow Lake, but the Hiking trails around it.

The use of toxic pesticides to spray over the lake and surrounding territory confirm, and some of the locals. As says one of them, a week after treatment he was found beside the lake not only dead fish but also blinded birds.

The leadership of the national Flushing Meadows Corona Park is currently conducting consultations with local agencies on nature protection, as well as limnologie (specialists who study inland waters) and experts on fish farming.



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