The impact of food on the mind

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Somehow on one of the forums I asked the question about the influence of food on the mind. Good question, at least, a thesis of philosophy or of psychology!

On the influence of food on the minds of man since ancient times, because the reason most religions, philosophies, and Eastern practices offer their views on eating as a spiritual act, and food, respectively, as a tool to enhance spirituality, the closer to God.

And food is one of the first places on effects on consciousness. For this reason, any method of cleansing in cleansing diet.

Eastern practitioners say that actually the effect of diet consists of several aspects.

Product composition. Cleansing food must consist only of vegetarian, fresh and healthy products, produced by honest labor.

The quality of consciousness of the cook.

Food shifts the quality of consciousness of the cook – love and hatred is transferred through the cooking. Food prepared with love to men, carries with it the power to progress in his qualities, to change for the better. Food cooked with envy – takes power, and degraded man: weakness, laziness, emptiness. "Eating from the lowest of the people — like a toothless snake: have no power" (Chanakya). Lost the power of the mind – people cease to understand what is good and what is bad. Bracket morality is lowered.

Whether or consecrated food is bhogi (raw food intended for sense enjoyment). You must master the practice of consecration of food and do it consistently. This will guarantee pure consciousness and healthy life.

The mind of a person who gives food, also has an impact. If you out the food with disdain, it is unlikely it will even be digested, what can we say about the more subtle impact.

A spiritual approach to food, food, dishes — the idea is not, strictly speaking, very new.

However, as different people have their own ideas about the place of food in life.

Remember our pancake day, pancakes, which seemed to our ancestors a symbol of the sun. And the Japanese, confessing love, put your hand not to the heart but to the stomach. They believe that the soul resides in the abdomen. So do harakiri, releasing the soul to the will.

But, in the end, the scientists found "biochemical sense" influence of food on human consciousness — namely, the production of serotonin and dopamine — endorphins, the so-called "hormones of happiness". I wrote about this in the topic "Food for the brain and mood".

These substances food can be a reward, comfort, punishment, nostalgia and even memory! I'm a little writing in the subject "Psychological issues and weight fluctuations".

How wonderful commented on your question, the psychologist Elena Burlak: "As a psychologist, I see one picture — in the modern world, many refuse to have sex, sports, love, children. Food — the easiest way to be easy "drugs". The food is not infects venzabolevany she's not pregnant, she does not offend, does not take time and effort. Always at hand, not late, and at a price accessible to everyone. Food — great fun, which definitely changes consciousness (implantable almost all). Here you have a lot of friends who have a very important creative purpose that distract from the food? I have a few...»

As a dietitian I would add: in terms of subsistence farming and home cooking foods usually satisfy the physiological needs of people. The amount of food consumed is primarily regulated by the appetite and feeling of satiety. Homemade meals are prepared from natural ingredients. With the development of food processing and commercial cooking in the diet of people includes many artificially created products and spicy seasonings, which with regular consumption create addictive, sometimes as strong as when Smoking or alcohol consumption.

Well known addiction to salty or sweet food, to drinks like Coca-Cola, coffee, chocolate and waffles, ice cream, vinegar, pepper bitter, mustard and even garlic. There is addictive to certain types of cafes and restaurants, which is determined by the known conventional system, physiological of reflexes, taste, olfactory and visual stimuli. Food and restaurant corporations are actively using conditional reflexes, creating them already have children. Concentrated starch and fatty products like chips artificially give unusual components of popular tastes and smells of natural products.

In addition, in the era of scientific and technological progress on people's minds a huge impact except for the foods that have advertising of food! Notice is nutrient-poor but calorie-rich products, always accompanied by examples of their absorption of beautiful and young people, stars or famous athletes. Overeating, encouraged by advertising and competition, brings huge profits of food corporations, fast food restaurants, networks of food vending machines and supermarkets.

Different diets for weight loss are constantly changing, not because scientists are finding new physiological factors, but because they need to fit to a new range of food products coming into commercial sale. There is a General rule of market economy, which was already traced by physiologists. It lies in the fact that the food is spends billions of dollars on propaganda, the least useful, and often completely useless food. The volume of advertising is proportional to the volume of industrial investment in a particular product.

No one advertises in London or Moscow ordinary tap water, the most benign product to quench your thirst and need for mineral salts. However, almost distilled water in bottles from Australia and unbalanced composition of mineral salts, water from Alpine sources are actively promoting on the market. The most expensive is to make drinks like Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola, the composition of which is generally kept secret, contrary to the laws about food. They contain sugar that is unknown to the consumer concentration. No one advertises fresh vegetables and fruit, marketed directly from farms. Their implementation is not profitable in the food industry. However, numerous processed products from fruits and vegetables, juices, canned food, high calorie chips, containing harmful additives, dyes, preservatives, emulsifiers and aromatic substances are widely advertised.

And in the minds of people firmly part of advertising slogans, and the food becomes the "anchor chain", which is forever linked with this is. Once one of the leading American TV said sadly that her children refuse to eat whatever it is, if "it" is not singing and dancing on the TV screen!

You can still argue long on this subject, to give examples, to ask the question "how to deal with it?"but the fact remains…

Recently in the Internet came across an interesting study, researchers who have tracked people's reactions during the various prayers. So in the prayer "our father", with the words "our daily bread" almost 90% of the worshipers had involuntary swallowing saliva…



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