How to choose a shovel for snow removal in the country

Shovels for snow removal is now a lot — there are plenty to choose from. However, we must consider not only the quality but also the anatomy of your own body.

Seeing the diversity of the Arsenal of shovels, you can choose any of aluminum, wood (plywood), plastic.

Of course, with enough effort, you can break any of them, but the manufacturers calculated their operational capabilities, not for one season.

With regard to the configuration of the scoop may be flat, single breasted and Treporti.

In addition, the configuration of the scoop is rectangular and semicircular. The most convenient for work scoop — rectangular (so covers a large area) and trembity (since the snow does not slide off even in the accelerated process of cleaning).

However, if you are not used to heavy loads, choose a semi — circular spade-it more maneuverable.
Scoop end may be closed with a metal edge. It prevents the shovel from cracking, when you get a random stone.

With regard to the configuration of the cutting, choose one which in the end has a rubberized handle. It facilitates the cleaning process, redistributing the load on the hands and back.

If you plan to carry a shovel in the car and store it in the boot, choose a model with a removable handle.

Convenient shovel should match your height. If the shovel is too high, check the possibility of shortening the handle. If you don't want to deal with shortening, then it is necessary to choose a length which will fit under your growth. To do this, take the handle in hand so that was convenient. Make a couple of strokes.

If you do not have too much to bend over and lose balance, so the tool fits.

Square scoop shovel for snow removal, much more than her sister-the"shrew". But to choose the largest area, it is not necessary.

Along with the increase in the area will increase the strain on the back. And it should be protected!

For this reason, during operation, do not call a shovel a lot of snow. You have to pick it up EASILY!

Greed in this case does not benefit the body. Large amounts of snow on the shovel may save you time, but it is possible to pull back.

No matter how comfortable the handle, wear gloves or mittens. They protect your hands from blisters and cold air.



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