Floating solar panels in Malta

Scientists from the Institute for sustainable energy at the University of Malta to implement a project called SolAqua, whose goal is the examination and verification of financial and technical feasibility of floating solar panels.
These batteries can be a good solution for many countries where there is a shortage of land for the construction of standard solar power. The SolAqua project will give the opportunity to get an idea of how beneficial economically, there will be such a floating power plant.

It is assumed that the placement of photovoltaic cells on the surface of water has some advantages compared to installing them on the ground. In particular, the reflective effect of the surface of the water in the open sea may increase the amount of collected solar energy.
This project is one of several research developments that are currently being implemented by the Malta Institute for sustainable energy. In addition, the Institute also offers evening workshops for installers-installers of water heaters and solar panels.

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Source: alternativenergy.ru


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