Spray IBM will transform any roof into a solar power station

One of the most promising methods of solar cell production is the application of photovoltaic cells on a substrate by spraying. This technology enables you to turn virtually any solid surface into a source of electricity: the roofs of houses and cars, airplane wings – all that is periodically exposed to sunlight.

Researchers from the University of Toronto (Canada) and the canadian research center of IBM has achieved a significant simplification and cost reduction of this technology through the use of so-called colloidal quantum dots (tiny light-sensitive materials). The latter are applied in the form of a spray on ultra-thin film, which can be fixed on any surface like a sticker.

If such a film to place on the roof of the vehicle, the generated electricity will be enough for powering three 100-watt bulbs accumulation or 24 compact fluorescent bulbs.

Source: green-dom.info/


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