Low oil prices hit on alternative energy

45-protsentnoe drop in oil prices in the second half of 2014, many independent experts have called a major blow to renewable energy sources (RES), which are losing competitiveness in comparison with the generating capacity on the basis of fossil hydrocarbon fuels.

However, the socialists Bloomberg New Energy Finance suggest that the influence of this factor actually varies widely depending on the specific sector of alternative energy and the region. In the case of large electricity markets damage to renewable energy will be small due to government subsidies. On the other hand, the electric-vehicle market will suffer due to cheaper gasoline.

Over the past 5 years for the development of renewable energy sources worldwide spent an average of $ 266 billion per year. According to experts Bloomberg New Energy Finance, in 2015 the size of the investment in the construction of new clean generating capacity will be below this figure. They also predict that the price of a barrel of Brent oil will reach $80 by March of next year that will have a positive impact on alternative energy.

Source: green-dom.info/


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