9 routes for travel for the coming year

Any to-do list and achievements starts with your responsible attitude toward them. Decide what things are really important to you in life, and if you feel a strong connection to a constant discovery of something new, calmly and gradually go deep into something that can satisfy your passion. Moving from the simple to the complex, you will not notice how the time will come for really big life adventure. We offer you 9 places and routes that should definitely make plans for the coming year, if you used to live a busy life and crave new discoveries.

Look at the Northern lights If you still have not watched the natural light show, it is an excellent opportunity for a first trip this year. As a budget option is perfect Kola Peninsula in the Murmansk region, where you can go at the end of January. You can stay, for example, in the village of Teriberka in 2 kilometers from the Barents sea (here, by the way, filming has already managed to make a lot of noise the film "Leviathan"). The main conditions — cloudless weather and solar activity. Those who are looking to get away, it may be advisable Iceland — here is the best time to visit would be February, March, September, or October.


Make camp in Bugaboo Bugaboo — land of the mountain chain of Purcell in the Canadian Rocky mountains in British Columbia. It is surrounded by glaciers, permanently watered by rains, and generally bypassed by anyone who thinks this place is not the Paradise on Earth. You will need to walk about 5 kilometers, rising to a height of 1000 meters to find this place with a beautiful view of the three-kilometer Snowpatch Spire.

Walk through the Tunnel of rhododendrons These enchanted forest in irlandskom the Kenmare look like shots from the films of Takeshi Kitano and cannot fail to be awe. Rhododendrons are plants of stunning beauty, the peak of flowering which usually occurs in the first three weeks of June.


Delve into Denali If you are ready for more serious testing, I suggest you go to the impassable terrain Denali National Park in Alaska. When they reached there, you will see overgrown with willows winding river with sky blue water and huge expanses of truly wild nature


Climb the Swiss Alps the Swiss Alps is a big game. 25,000 kilometres of selected mountain trails clearly will not leave you without experience. One of the best — a 25-kilometer trail Hardegree will provide you with an increased dose of breathtaking mountain scenery and raise more than a kilometer above the charming town of Interlaken.


Enjoy the view from the rock of Half dome, Overcome your fear of heights and climb for two and a half kilometer on one of the symbols of Yosemite National Park in the U.S. state of California. Here you will discover one of the most stunning views in all of North America. Night climbing usually starts from the site of tolum meadows near lakes at the foot of the cliff.

Pass in the Altai Republic In our country a huge amount in many places, which are unjustly overlooked by travellers. Start with the Altai mountains in southern Siberia, in the heart of Central Asia. Because of its stunning mountain and river scenery of the Golden Mountains of Altai inscribed in the world heritage list of UNESCO. We do not offer any concrete points, just pay attention to this unique region, where in the warm season can be a real outlet

Conquer Northern edge of the Grand Canyon of Course, if you have not been in the traditional tour of the gorges of this world heritage of UNESCO, it is worth to go there. But the best (which often means quiet and secluded) you will find on the Northern edge of the Canyon, where from the long drive and short season, get a few.

Go to the Himalayas, Not in a world of mountain ranges, which would be struck by his appearance stronger than these giants of Central Asia. Walk along the classic route to the Everest camp, where you will discover beautiful views of the peak, cholatse height 6335 meters. Interestingly, someone left unimpressed?

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