Astronomers observed the struggle of the stars with the supermassive black hole

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Astronomers witnessed the attempt of a supermassive black hole to have dinner with the star. In the process of "eating" the Orb stretched out like spaghetti.

The researchers observed the absorption of stars by black holes before, but this case is especially rare because the process is passed with difficulty. This time was not lucky star, located at a distance of 3 billion light years from Earth. In the picture above, you can see how enormous gravity pulls stellar matter.

As the newspaper writes Daily Mail, the discovery was made using a small astronomical telescope in McDonald Observatory in the U.S. state of Texas in January 2009.

Scientists say that brightness it was comparable to a supernova explosion vergaray. The event was called the Dougie in honor of the episodic characters of the animated series "South Park", never playing the lead role.

When we discovered this object, it was similar to the familiar supernova. But when we continued our observations, we realized that this is something new, previously unseen. We witnessed the process of eating the stars to the supermassive black hole, say the researchers.

Scientists suggest that it was tidal destruction caused by huge gravitational field of a black hole. In this case, the star is drawn with one side much stronger than on the other. Emerging tidal forces stretch the star into the likeness of her mind spaghetti.

Analysis of the light characteristics of the Dougie and the estimated initial mass of the star suggests that it was originally similar to our Sun. Based on observations of the behavior of the Dougie and its parent galaxy, the scientists came to the conclusion that the black hole at the center of the galaxy has a "rather modest" mass comparable with the mass of about one million suns.

The researchers say that discovery enabled them to learn more about small, distant galaxies.published



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