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Did You know that from the way You place your Cutlery in the restaurant, depends on the reaction of the waiter serving You. If You have ever been in a situation where moving away briefly from the table, and then returning back, You found that the dishes on the table anymore, even though You do not have time to finish your dish, do not immediately blame the staff. The position of the Cutlery could give them the wrong sign. The waiter decided that You've finished your meal and took the dishes. Someone who does not want to get into an awkward situation and always look educated and well-mannered in the eyes of others, I advise you to learn the language of signs used in restaurants. Just keep in mind that in different countries these labels may be different.

When while eating at the restaurant You decide to stop and chat with a neighbor, do I just put the fork with a knife so that they rested on the table with a pen, but the tips were deployed from a position on the edge of a plate. Moreover, the plug must lie on the left and knife on the right. And You will see that the waiter never asks You whether to clear the table.

If You wish to absent himself for a longer period, use the following name: knife and fork, put on plate, pre-crossing them. The sharp end of the knife should face left, and the tines of a fork to the right. This gesture will make it clear that You haven't finished lunch. Interestingly, in Europe these rules are observed very closely, even inadvertently delay the change of food, if you lay it out the Cutlery.

And after finishing the meal do not need to put your used tissue in the empty bowl. It would be better if You put the knife and fork parallel to each other, the handles need to look to the right. The knife blade should be turned in Your direction, and the prongs of the fork on top. So the same goes with the spoon and fork after finishing my dessert. The waiter will immediately know that You are finished and it is time to take the dishes.

The rules of serving dishes in the restaurant.The first is usually served in a deep large plate, which is located on a small. After You have eaten the first dish, the spoon should be put on the bottom of a shallow dish. But if You are finished your meal, leave the spoon in the bowl and utensils not carry away. So do during a dessert if it is served in bowls, put on a small saucer. To ensure that You have correctly understood the waiter at the Chinese restaurant and began to clear the dishes, put the chopsticks across the plate with a sharp end on the left. But in a Japanese restaurant chopsticks always just put on a special stand with the tips to the top.

Cloth can also help You during dinner. If You need to absent for some time, place your napkin on the chair when I get back, fold it twice and place it on the knees. And when you leave the restaurant, place your napkin to the left of the dishes, after turning it so that the dirty side faces inward. Just never put the wipes into the dirty plate and not try to return it to its original form, clumsily making her figure.


Source: mif-facts.com.ua


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