This film not removed - 15 cool domestic films

We've learned that the budgets of the films are measured in millions. In a successful picture should be a lot of special effects, it is better to shoot in 3D, and from the very beginning to keep the audience in a creepy tone.

And we remember that we have filmed and other movies. We have selected 15 great Russian movies that you can watch from any place. Will still be interesting.

Holidays in September (1979), Vitaly Melnikov

The eternal theme of soul-searching intellectual. The main character Victor Zilov, played by Oleg Dal, suffers from despair. As is customary in Russia, drinking a lot, randomly Dating women and acting like a cynic. He has a wife who is expecting a child. A film look good when sad. Helps to fall into the abyss of despair and to push off from the bottom.

Flights in dreams and in reality (1982), Roman Balayan

The main character in this film to play. He has a midlife crisis, a time when much has been achieved, but the great feeling that you have missed in life, something important. And most likely forever. Hero throws in all directions, and the whole film is permeated with love polygons and strange actions of the hero.

Prohindiada, or running on the spot (1984), Viktor Tregubovich

First, here played by the brilliant Alexander Kalyagin and Lyudmila Gurchenko. Secondly the film is funny. Thirdly, with all the laughter, it is somewhat sad and makes you want to rethink your own life. The protagonist of the film feels great in the era of total deficit. You me, I will — this is his principle. But at some point he realizes that his system is not perfect, and then the fun begins.

Tears fall (1982), Georgy Danelia

This modern interpretation of a Danish fairy tale "the snow Queen". The main character, played by Yevgeny Leonov, the eye gets a piece of the magic mirror. And he now sees only filth and decay. The once kind-hearted man (just imagine Leonov), quarreled with everyone around, kicked son and nearly took his own life. The script, incidentally, wrote the famous science fiction writer Kir Bulychev.

Daylight train (1976), Inessa Selezneva

Live, cooked in the daily routine. Still. What of our future? And then look back and half your life is over. You're over forty, and in your personal life is a void. Two elderly friends want to marry their adult children. He's from Moscow, she was from Leningrad, and they need to understand each other Very thin dialogues, a deep multi-layered experience. Teenagers are not easy to find the right words, and adults, as it turns out, is even harder.

The Beginning (1970), Gleb Panfilov

This is the story of the unsightly weavers, who became a movie star. It may seem that a film about Cinderella, but this is a mistaken impression. The main character, which performs Inna Churikova plays in the country club Baba Yaga. It says Moscow Director and invites to the role of Joan of Arc. It would seem that all came to success. But this is only the beginning.

Fantazii Faryateva (1979), Ilya Averbakh

The story of the eccentric Pasha Faryateva performed by Andrei Mironov. It's full of some extravagant thoughts and ideas. As they say, not of this world. Paul becomes a hostage of silly situations. He was left the girl, and he is forced to lie to her mother, because she had a weak heart. It turns out that his ridiculous stories help to change the lives of other people. This is despite the fact that private life Morality already put a cross.

Call, open the door (1965), Alexander Mitta

The film is a reflection of the era of the sixties. On the one hand this is a story about pioneers, with ties, appeals and other attributes. And on the other the people who are in creative search. They ask questions that do not seem to have to worry about people walking in the bright future of communism. It is also interesting that the characters say outright sedition about the stupidity of the struggle of Communists with all, what a hand can reach.

Monologue (1972), Ilya Averbakh

Very touching, sad film about an elderly Professor. He did a great career, but was not satisfied with privacy. At some point it appears useless daughter with her husband and young granddaughter. In this measured life of a lonely intellectual ends. What is this movie? About the meaning of life, I guess.

Lived a song thrush (1970), Otar Iosseliani

The main character, Gia — fussy people who just have to deal with. His life is measured not by years but by the number of events per unit of time. He is the composer, but played at the Philharmonic on drums. It is such a large drum, which is necessary to strike a time or two throughout the Opera. And that is between the strikes, Gia manages to fill a whole life. Will definitely watch this movie. After it, you will not be able to live as before.

100 days after childhood (1975), Sergei Solovyov

The film is about that feeling we all have long forgotten. When the teenager metamorphosis. When in one summer carefree boy become a young man. Starting very keenly the world, discovering love, new feels. Watch the film, listen to these avaricious, smarmy dialogue, and like myself live life again. The colors and smells of youth, is possible to convey in a movie.

Without witnesses (1983), Nikita Mikhalkov

This film is entirely built on emotions. The action takes place in one small apartment, and we get to the end of the film don't know the names of the characters. On this patch, no special effects and extras played out a terrible drama. Hero went to his ex-wife and found out she is getting married to his old friend. The caveat lies in the fact that he wrote this friend an anonymous tip and now does not want the truth revealed.

My younger brother (1962), Aleksandr Zarkhi

This is another film created in the short period of the sixties, when it seemed that Soviet culture has a chance. There is no moralizing, only the reckless youth and joy. Friends graduated from high school and went to Tallinn to meet adult life. In other words, to break away. After all youth are the same at all times.

On the main street with orchestra (1986), Peter Todorovsky

It is almost "Fight club" of Soviet reality. The same rebellion of man, tired of sticky, like honey, of the system. The hero of the film Todorovsky leaves work, abandons the family and starts life with a clean slate. But the film is still Soviet, though perestroika times. Therefore, unlike Fincher, Todorovski does not a Thriller, and Comedy.

Five evenings (1978), Nikita Mikhalkov

Nikita Mikhalkov in recent years more and more takes great movies about the great war, but there was a time when he was doing a real movie about real love. And for some reason, early work touch stronger. This film is a story of a man who met his old love after 18 years. "Five evenings" those paintings, which in my childhood seem boring, but with age, opening up new facets of the deep meaning that lies behind the slow plot. published



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