Folk omens associated with trees

Birch opened the leaves a week to start planting. This sign is based on years of observations of our ancestors.

It is noticed that if the birch is starting to turn green, at least five or six days the temperature will rise ten degrees and the cold snap is not expected.

Not to plant willow – himself age are pruned. Trees should be planted. Because not in vain the saying goes that a man should have a son, build a house and plant a tree. Here only noted that not every tree can be planted. Old people say that even their Grandfathers have noticed that the one who planted the willow will die in the year that the willow will grow so that it will be possible to make a handle for a shovel. Want to check? Please. That's only our Grandparents that stuff is not going to check.

Snow fell, and on the cherry leaves – long the snow will lie. For many centuries the villagers it was noticed that if the snow fell early, and the cherry has not yet had time to lose their leaves, it will soon thaw. Real winter comes only when the cherry tree falls to the last page and not before.

Do not cut the tree in new moon – rot. This sign is associated with the peculiarities of the lunar cycle and the influence of these characteristics on the water available on our planet. Our Ancestors noticed that in the moon, the trees fill with water. And even if these trees are then dry, they will dry and begin to rot. So, from this follows the second sign – the new moon it is impossible to make firewood for the winter.

Leaf on the oak tree develops good pike to catch. Noticed that pike are caught not always. Need to know when to go for pike. And the older fishermen have noticed that in the moment when they begin to bloom, the leaves on the oaks, pike starts biting. That's it at this point and need to catch.

Many nuts and mushrooms – winter snow will be. Sign is the feature of hazel. If you anticipate a cold winter, then nuts will be a lot. Hazel always tries to give the harvest to the maximum, if it feels that the expected harsh winter.

Trembling aspen – fed cattle. For many years people watched the trees and noticed that when trembling aspen leaves, is sure to be a good crop of oats, barley and wheat. And once the harvest, and the beast will always be, than to feed. It's very simple.

Aspen sliver in sauerkraut – cabbage is not sour. It is really so. It is believed that aspen has some antiseptic properties, which help slow down the process of spoilage. It is this property of aspen and our ancestors used to make sauerkraut for a long time does not turn sour.

Usually in the old walls of wooden houses did oak, oak was floors and a loft. This arrangement of the wood contributed to the protection of people from effects of negative energy from the outside and let in the shortest possible time to restore power, as the oak easily transfers its energy to person by direct contact, and his strength allows you to balance the work of our body. No wonder people say: "Strong as an oak!"
Oak long accustomed to man. Sometimes it takes six months to a year before he really starts to think of you as. But if he accepts you in his heart, will not let go and will never forget! A particle of his power will be with you wherever you may be. Oak has the ability to transmit their energy over long distances. If you are accepted, it leaves imperceptibly will be attracted to you when you come, and young branches to cling to your clothes, not wanting to let go of you. If from your favorite tree for you fall dual acorn — save it! By itself, it is a talisman of good luck in Affairs, but in this case its strength will be larger because it is supported by the wish of the oak. Simple fallen acorn says about waiting for you the change may be somewhat unexpected and confusing, but which will always lead to the best. Fallen green branch with green leaves moving.
Take that are associated with trees, very much. To list all of these signs is simply not realistic. And some of these will even impossible to explain. But we still need to listen to what our Ancestors knew. And to live easier and many problems can be avoided.published



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