How to remove rust from clothes

Found favorite thing is the stain? Do not worry! There are many simple techniques that will help to get rid of this embarrassing problem.Method 1. In a small container, mix the vinegar and table salt in such proportions as to form a thick paste. Apply the mixture on the stain for half an hour. Then wash off the remnants of such a cleaning agent with warm water, and clothes to wash. Method 2. Paper towel folded in several layers. Put it on the dirty clothes. rust up. On the stain pour a little of salt and cut it into two pieces of lemon to scrub pollution. From above to lay another folded paper towel. As such, the clothes should be put under direct sunlight for 2 hours (at least). During this time, the stain the rust to dissolve. Favorite thing to wash with soap and water. Method 3 how to remove rust Clothes gently drape over the pot of boiling water. This should be done carefully so as not to consume over the fire fabric. On the stain, squeeze lemon juice (you can sprinkle the citric acid powder). Leave the object in that position for 5 minutes. After that, the remnants of the lemon juice rinse with water, and clothing washed in the usual way. Method 4. In a small bowl mix equal amounts of lemon juice and cold water. Drop into this solution a piece of clothing on which there is a spot of rust. Keep at least 30 minutes. You then have to check whether the moved spot. If the rust is not completely gone, the fabric leave for another quarter of an hour in the lemon solution. You can additionally soak the stain in a liquid Laundry detergent (diluted with water should not be). Thoroughly scrub his hands and wash in the usual way.

Method 5. In a small enameled saucepan, mix vinegar (70%) and water (1 Cup of water take 2 tablespoons of the essence). The mixture is heated on the stove to 90°. Placed in a solution clothes with rust and keep for 5 minutes. Then rinse the garment with warm water. You should pay attention to the fact that this method is not suitable for fabrics that deteriorate under the influence of acids. Method 6. To remove rust from clothes in a glass of cold water dissolve a teaspoon of wine vinegar. In this solution soak the stain for a few minutes. Then the fabric washed with the addition of washing powder.Should not be to remove rusty stains use bleach. They will not give a positive result, but the fabric can spoil, leaving behind a brown or yellow stain. Using these means available, will not have to go to the dry cleaners. The stain is gone, and the clothes will not be no trace of pollution.published



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