How to grow tulips in pots

How to grow tulips in pots. Photo:

To make tulips bloom in early spring, on their landing to take care of in the fall. Bulbs in pots all winter needs to be in a dark and cool place.

The bulbs will not germinate at low temperatures, and when the owners decide to move them to warm, they start off in growth. To kick an onion at home, the pots should be at least 30 cm high for large bulbs and 20 cm for the smallest. The diameter of the top of the pot enough of 20 cm, this pot can fit about 5 large bulbs. Pots better to take the ceramic, because ceramic is better air permeability, and for a good formation of the root system, tulips require it. Containers made of plastic are much cheaper and less fragile, but much overheat in the sun and do not protect from the cold.

The mandatory pot drainage holes so excess moisture does not stagnate at the roots. To create the tulips of good soil, take equal parts of leaf, humus and garden land with the addition of peat and coarse river sand. The soil reaction should be neutral or slightly alkaline. Preference tulips never changed, whether they grow on a bed or in a pot on the windowsill. The soil for bulbs sold in specialized shops, are also a good choice.

The bulbs are planted in September-October as in the open ground. At the bottom of the pot is poured concrete, gravel, ceramic pieces or charcoal, making sure that very small particles did not score the hole completely. From the edge of the pot measured the distance that will need to plant the bulbs before the level pot is filled with substrate. The bulbs are almost close to each other, i.e. much tighter than in the flowerbed. The soil fill up to the edge of the pot, watered to keep the size of the donkey and fell. If necessary, the ground fill up.

The result of distillation was not a disappointment, the bulbs need to choose high-quality, smooth, firm

Then the containers with the bulbs is moved into the cold room to mimic winter. If it's September and it's warm, suitable for the vegetable compartment in the refrigerator. Containers about once a week check, preventing drying out of the soil, and mold. Place the potted tulips in a bright place and begin full watering can in 3-4 months.

If the combined pot of bulb varieties that bloom at different times, you can use the method of planting layers. To do this, after the drainage layer in the pot add about 10 cm of soil on it and place the bulbs, cover them completely with soil and stack the next layer. Put down the early-flowering varieties, and on top of those that bloom later. The last layer is covered with soil and watered abundantly. The liquid will merge in a drainage, then pot can be placed in storage.

To grow tulips at home, earth not required

The result of distillation was not a disappointment, the bulbs need to choose high-quality, smooth, solid. Water when watering you need to use warm, possibly providing flowers of high humidity. Feeding of complex fertilizers should not contain a lot of nitrogen, it is better to give preference to phosphate fertilizers. In hot sun do not put the pots, the tulips will die from direct sunlight. After the tulips bloomed, the bulbs are left in pots for about a month, fertilizing and watering them to gain strength for the next flowering. Stop watering when it begins to wither penultimate leaf. When the earth dries out, bulbs out, cleaned of old peel, sorted for future planting and again sent to storage.published


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