In 2017 there will be flying cars

Flying cars cease to be anything fancy, and will soon become a very real means of transportation. During a recent interview, Juraj Vaculik (Juraj Vaculik, CEO of the company AeroMobil said it is ready to use the aircar, his company is going to release in 2017.

According to Mr. Vaculik, the world of personal transport we need a revolution, and cars with autopilot well, this is a big step forward, but the flying car can really change everything in the world of cars.

The currently existing prototype, AeroMobil 3.0 can take off and land on the grass runway. These lanes can be equipped with the highways and gas stations, but it is a costly venture, and there may be technical difficulties.For starters, the company will need to obtain the permit for the construction of the runways from the local authorities and to coordinate all aspects, in order not to violate the laws. In addition, for the management of this vehicle will require a pilot's license. And even planned not to sell cars to people without this license.

In 2017 AeroMobil plans to release a double car model-aircraft. While the price, even approximate, is not established, but, as you say yourself, the developers, the AeroMobil will cost more than a couple of hundred thousand euros. Later, if successful, the company plans to release a fully automated (autopilot) aeromobil, designed for four passengers. published

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