Scientists have discovered creatures living in the crater of an active volcano

Apparently, among the sea creatures, too, there are superheroes. According to the portal Daily Mail, during the study of the crater of an underwater volcano Kavachi American scientists accidentally filmed two species of sharks, rays and even a few living beings, who feel quite comfortable under enormous temperature and acidity of the water. How they managed to survive in such conditions is a question worthy of further study.

Special camera for scientific studies, which weighs about 40 kilograms, was launched by researchers at the bottom of the crater of the volcano. An hour later, the camera floated to the surface of the ocean and scientists have begun to view the footage. Imagine their surprise when they saw the records for two species of sharks (bronze hammerhead shark and silky shark), Stingray Hexatrygon Bickelli and neskolkimi fishes and jellyfish.

Now scientists will not be able to sleep peacefully until, until you find out how marine life could adapt to such unbearable life conditions. Volcano Kavachi, located in the South-West Pacific near the Solomon Islands rose and fell above the sea level eight times since its first eruption in 1939. Now its active crater is located at a depth of 45 meters. published

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