Diving horses - horse Diving

"Diving Horse" - one of the most unique and memorable performances, which can be seen at Navy Pier Steel Pier in Atlantic City.
With vosemnadtsatimetrovoy tower (later it was reduced to a height of 12 meters) dived into the pool and horse rider. This number was coined in the mid-1880s by William Frank Carver, famous marksman and companion famous showman Buffalo Bill Cody and lasted until 1978, when animal advocates have achieved its prohibition.

In the photo allegedly shows Sonora Carver, the most famous jumper that in 1924, attracted by the opportunity to become famous and travel with the company in the country, gets a job to William Carver. Seven years later, the horse stumbles and Sonora with a nasty fall in the water leads to the fact that because of the outbreak of retinal detachment girl becomes blind. However, such a terrible blow of fate could not break Sonora Carver and their performances she continued until the Second World War. In 1961, she will write an autobiographical novel "The Girl and the five brave horses» / «A Girl and Five Brave Horses,» on which the 1991 Disney will make a movie "Wild Hearts Can not Be Broken» / «Wild Hearts Can not Be Broken» .


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