Computer-beaver - Modding

This is perhaps the most unusual modding, which we (and you probably also)'ve encountered. As the computer case has been used: stuffed beaver that should symbolize the unity of nature, science and technology. But the end result looks pretty ominous :) What's even more amazing - all work is done by a girl!
All this, of course, is good, but it is a pity Beaver: Happy one - he suffered for the cause of science :)
Well, the characteristics of the computer beaver are: Intel Core 2 Duo - T7200 2.00 GHz, 160GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM NBM 1G | PATRIOT DII667 PSD21G6672S R, motherboard AOpen Mini ITX A-I945GTT-VFA (RoHS) (with external power supply ), Panasonic UJ-85J 8X Slim DVD-drive, cooler Tornado 80mm. Photoalbum (in places - not for the faint of heart :))


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