The first signs of concussion in children

Unfortunately, children are very often injured, and the head is no exception. Therefore, a head injury or a concussion can occur from a more simple shock due to falling and a serious car accident. But a concussion is not the worst thing that can happen with the brain, because this is one of the lightest degrees of destruction of this body part, followed by contusion, hematoma, i.e. lesions that require urgent surgical intervention.

Therefore, it is important to learn and understand what kind of trauma was inflicted on the child if they need urgent hospitalization or enough rest at home. But one way or another, to consult with the neurologist it is necessary.

Common symptoms of concussion, the child has loss of consciousness, but with a short-term period, perhaps even seconds. Also noticeably manifest disorientation in previously familiar environment, and then headache, dizziness, weakness and occasionally blurred vision, and pain in eyes while reading. So if you weren't there when the child fell, it will be important to ask possible witnesses, how and where it fell the baby. He, losing consciousness, can lose sight of important points. This process is called retrograde amnesia.

The symptoms of concussion in children also depend on the age of the child. For example, infants with this injury often does not lose consciousness, but only appears frequent reflex of regurgitation (which parents may not pay enough attention). Also they have disturbed sleep, increased irritability, or a marked pale, but it's in the first minutes after injury.

In addition, the first signs of concussion in school-age children are held for three days.

Can still meet less important, at first glance, the symptoms of concussion in children. Such symptoms may be sweating, tides blood to a person a General feeling of discomfort. Or, on the contrary: the health of the child improves dramatically. But we must not forget that certain disturbances in the body have already started their actions, which leads eventually to more serious complications.

Considering the fact that the first signs of a concussion in children are often deceptive, secretive or just quickly improves the condition of the patient, it is necessary not to postpone the visit to the neurologist. After all, this doctor will be able in the main – eye symptoms to determine for sure whether your child has a concussion. After the examination, if not seen the complications and pathology, then the doctor may allow further treatment to take place in the home. The duration of treatment is determined by the severity of the injury, but not less than three days, and in some cases is more than a month.

We must remember that the symptoms of concussion in a child is not as dangerous to health, but the consequences of this injury, and especially if it is not treated, dangerous not only for health in General, but for life. So if you know about the head injury received by your child, don't wait too long. First ask the kid how it happened (the place and the nature of the attack), then you can see the head, do not grope even if the bumps or indentations of the skull. If no physical changes, just let the victim rest. But if you noticed a drastic change in the behavior of the baby or he complains of nausea, dizziness or pain in the eyes, you should immediately seek help from a neurologist. In order not to miss such important days when a concussion can simply be treated with calm and light drugs with virtually no complications.published


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