This 3-minute charging will make the brain work at maximum capacity

This 3-minute charging will make the brain work at maximum capacity

And no stimulants!

When a child is born, his mind active 100 billion brain cells (neurons). The brain is so important for the survival of our species is that the embryo at the fourth week after conception starts to produce half a million neurons every minute.

Ordinary, people developed a complex system of 300 million neurons physically can fit on the head of a pin.

To ensure that you might 100% realize the potential of his mind, his need to "educate", i.e. to work with him as athletes work their muscles.

But how to do it most effectively and at the same time that training didn't take too much time?

Here is what the science.

Based on research gioja Jones of the University of California, we can say that our body has several energy centers. They are known as the main acupuncture points. Acupressure energy points around the eyes, forehead, around the mouth, near the ears and in other places — a great alternative to heavy exercise.

A point associated with the activity of our brain, located on the earlobe. According to Dr. Jones, after the stimulation of these points an MRI scanner shows that the left and right hemispheres of the brain begin to work more synchronously.

If you learn how to do the exercises correctly, you can learn to manage vigor and agility of his intellect.

Furthermore, the stimulation of points on the earlobes helps regulate libido, which is especially important for teenagers.

And another reminder: everyone knows that yoga is very beneficial for the brain practitioner. People who have mastered this practice, getting smarter and psychologically more stable.

How to energize and activate the brain.

1. Turn your face to the East. Older people better to turn to the North.

2. Remove all jewelry and lift language to the sky. Try to keep it there all the time.

3. Left hand to hold the right ear lobe between thumb and forefinger. Wrap the arm so that it was in front of the body. The thumb should be in front.

4. Right hand grip exactly the same for the lobe of the left ear. Again, make sure that your thumb was in front.

5. Make sure your left hand close to the chest, and the right it covers.

6. Take a deep breath in through your nose and slowly lower ass to the ground.

7. Hold your breath for a few seconds. Then exhale and begin to rise to the original standing position.

8. Do 14 sit-UPS. Remember that the fingers should remain on the lobes of the ears and the tongue must cling to the sky.

When to expect results.

To get from this practice the most benefits, make it a pleasant daily habit, which you will follow with your child. It is perfect for him before going to school. Make at least the first 30 charges together.

The first very tangible results you will receive three months of regular practice. And your child through seven months will be able to improve their estimates by 20-35%.

Well, both of you will know what to do to feel healthy and smart. published



P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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