60 task thinking answers

A great collection of 60 simple tasks tricky.

1. On the table lies an Apple. Its divided into 4 parts. How many apples is on the table?

2. What are two numbers whose number of digits equal to the number of letters that compose the name of each of these numbers.

3. How many months a year have 28 days?

4. The dog was tied to a ten foot rope, and took two hundred meters. How she did it?

5. What you can see with your eyes closed?


6. What to do when you see the green man?

7. There is a road where you can drive only one car. On the road drive two cars: one with the mountain, the other near the mountain. As they pass one another?

8. Name five days of not calling numbers (1, 2, 3,..) and names of days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...)

9. How to speak: "I do not see the white yolk" or "I do not see the white of the yolk"?

10. Can you light a regular match under water to burn all the way down?

11. On the table in a row are 6 glasses. The first three are empty, and the last three filled with water. How to make empty glasses and full alternated to each other, if you can only touch one Cup (to push the glass Cup is impossible)?

12. Some of the dishes nothing to eat?

13. You and I, Yes we with you. How many of us?

14. How to use only one stick to form on the table, a triangle?

15. What question can be answered "Yes"?

16. When the network can pull the water?

17. Than the end of the day and night?

18. Peter and Leon make a flower garden square. Peter said "let's Make the side of our square was 12 m less than its perimeter". What will be the length of the sides of this flower bed.

19. The son with the father, but the son with the father, but the grandfather with his grandson. A lot of them?

20. Grew 4 birch. Each birch 4 big branches. On each large branch at the 4 small. Every little branch on 4 apples. How many apples?

21. Vasinova father's name is Ivan, and grandfather, Semyon Petrovich. A patronymic from Vasin mom?

22. Three brothers one sister. How many children in the family?

23. In what month talkative girl speaks the least?

24. Two men at the same time came to the river. The boat on which to cross the river, can only handle one person. And yet, without assistance everyone got on the boat to the other side. How do they do it?

25. What belongs to you but others use it more than you?

26. How to find last year's snow?

27. The boy in the box was 7 flies. On two flies he had caught two fish. How many fish were caught by the boy, using the rest of the flies?

28. The man is one, a cow or two, a hawk – none. What is it?

29. The person is sitting, but you can't sit on his place, even if he would get up and leave. Where is he sitting?

30. Some stones in the sea no?

31. Can the rooster call himself a bird?

32. What disease on earth no one was sick?

33. Is it possible to predict the score of any match before it starts?

34. In the garden sitting 6 sparrows, they flew 5 more. The cat crept up and grabbed one. How many birds remained in the garden?

35. What you can do, but you can't eat?

36. That becomes a third more if it is put upside down?

37. Which knot you can't untie?

38. What city flies?

39. Which fish is the name of the person?

40. What the cow in front, and a bull behind?

41. What is the worst?

42. What has no length, depth, width, height, and can be measured?

43. That all people on earth do simultaneously?

44. Two men were playing checkers. Each played five games and won five times. Is this possible?

45. How can this egg to fly three meters and not break?

46. The pencil was placed on the floor and asked a few people to jump over it.

But no one was able to do so. Why?

47. The last house on one side of the street is number 34. How many houses on this side of the street?

48. The man drove a big truck. The lights on the car were not lighted. The moon was not there. The woman began to cross the road in front of the car. How did the driver see her?

49. After the daily duty at the hospital, the doctor decided to sleep and lay down at 9 PM. He had by 11am to be back in the hospital. So he set the alarm for 10 hours. How much time will pass before your alarm?

50. Field plowed 6 tractors. 2 of them stopped. How many tractors in the field?

51. One egg should be cooked for 5 minutes. How long will it take to boil 6 eggs?

52. What a comb never comb?

53. Throw when you need it, and raise when there's no need?

54. You sit on the plane, in front of you, the horse, the back of the car. Where are You located?

55. The family has two children. Sasha's brother Eugene, but Eugene, not Sasha's brother. Could it be? Who Is Jack?

56. What music do you measure the distance?

57. What will not be included in the large pot?

58. Who gets taller when he sits down?

59. How many times will increase the number, if ascribe to it the same number?

60. Italian flag red-white-green. What berry is a breakdown helped the Italians to choose these colors?

1. One Apple

2. One hundred (100) million (1,000,000)

3. All months

4. Her rope was not tied into anything

5. Dreams

6. Cross the street (it's a drawing on a green signal of a traffic light)

7. They both go down.

8. The day before yesterday, yesterday, today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow

9. The yolk is usually yellow

10. Yes, in a submarine

11. Take the fifth glass, pour its contents into the second and put the glass down.

12. From empty

13. Two

14. Put it on the corner of the table

15. Are you sleeping?

16. When the water freeze and turn into ice.

17. Soft sign

18. 4 meters

19. 3 people

20. No. On the birch do not grow apples

21. S.

22. 4 children

23. In February

24. They approached different sides of the river.

25. Your name

26. To go out immediately after the start of the new year.

27. Unknown.

28. The Letter O

29. On Your knees

30. Dry

31. No, he can't speak.

32. Sea

33. Yeah, 0 – 0

34. Not at all. The other birds flew away.

35. Lessons

36. Figure 6

37. Train

38. Eagle

39. Carp

40. Letter To

41. Tiger

42. Answer: Temperature, time

43. Get older

44. Both men played different games with other people.

45. Need to throw an egg more than three feet, the first three meters, it will fly safely.

46. Put it flush with the wall.

47. 17 houses

48. Was a bright Sunny day.

49. 1 hour

50. 6 tractors

51. 5 minutes

52. Cock.

53. Anchor.

54. On the carousel

55. Sister

56. Mi-La-Mi.

57. Its cover.

58. Dog.

59. 11 times.

60. Watermelon.

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