Rules of electronic etiquette: what not to say and write

There are probably people who have suffered due to ignorance of email etiquette. Announced on the phone too loud voice the amount of the award or published in the social network, compromising photos can play a cruel joke with You. How to behave online? What are the rules of correct communication on a mobile phone?

In touch Today, every owner of a mobile phone (smartphone) for a few seconds to contact the right person. Using the benefits of civilization, we should remember about rules of email etiquette. Their implementation will allow us not only to insure against confusion, but also to protect yourself and your property from fraud.

The first thing to abandon candid conversations on a mobile phone in public places. Bus passengers traveling along with You must not know about Your disease, the amount of salary and the details of his personal life. It is worth remembering that any conversation can be recorded by a nearby person. Never ever give your phone to strangers. Scammers easily can find in his memory confidential information (passwords, credit card numbers, etc.) and use it.

Business correspondence because of ignorance of the rules of conduct on the Internet in one-click jobs. Most often workers are grossly mistaken when using corporate email. Company email is public, since the user has the priority access to the correspondence of subordinates. Never write your colleagues, you don't have to tell you in person. With working email addresses is not recommended to send personal messages.

Confidential letters sent to You personally, it is forbidden to send on. Business messages need to be expressed tactfully and avoid getting personal. Screaming is considered bad gossip and risky jokes to other colleagues. Before sending the letter must be carefully checked. Special attention deserves the proper entry of the recipient address. If the letter was sent to the wrong person, you need to immediately apologize.

Social network People who created accounts in popular social networks, immediately becomes a participant of the global Internet community. The use of social networks must also be deliberate. Any published post or photo, immediately attract the attention of those interested in Your personality. It is not only relatives, classmates and close friends, but also colleagues (the authorities also do not forget!).

You cannot publicly Express your negativity in the address of the employer and colleagues, even if you have no strength to keep the resentment to yourself. All information revealed on the personal page in a social network should be objectively assessed by the author, and then published. published


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