How to get out of the woods without a map and compass if You get lost

In order not to harm yourself, you should:

1. Calm down and not to panic. In any case not to rush forward mindlessly, trying to find a way — get lost even worse.

2. To determine the order that you have available (watch, matches, knife, food..)

3. Try to remember which side of light you came into the forest.

4. To determine the cardinal directions (sun, hour, ant). If found quarterly post rides in the woods, the figures on the pole have increase in the direction from West to East and from North to South.

5. Pick a direction and go for it. Remember that the man is usually while driving "blows" to the right. Adjust the direction of the sun.

6. If found the house, stay in it or there is anyone coming, or rescuers will first survey the river banks in public. In addition, you have shelter, perhaps a supply of food.

7. Food if required: berries, mushrooms, snakes, larvae, roots of cattail and reeds, try to fish...

8. Fire pit at night, try to take of sushina, which are at the root (get thinner, the fact that you can dump). Tree almost never dry.


9. Periodically check the connection on the mobile phone, suddenly will be in the area.

10. Animal on human attacks are actually very rare, so don't be too afraid. If the meeting happened suddenly, do not make sudden movements, back away slowly and never turn your back and run.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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