13 photos that changed the world

1. Photograph, raise photographers
Military photojournalist Robert Capa said that if your photos are bad, it means that you were not close enough to the scene. And he knew what he was talking about. His most famous pictures were taken the morning of June 6, 1944, when together with the first infantry units he came ashore in Normandy D-Day landings a day. Caught in the crossfire, Capa was forced to dive under the water with the camera to avoid the bullets. He barely escaped. Of the four films, captured images per day gruesome battle, survived only 11 frames - the rest were hopelessly spoiled elderly laboratory, which hastily lit almost all the material (as it turned out, he was trying to catch up to show the film of printing the latest issue of the journal Life). Ironically, it is this error in the development of film and gave several extant photographs of the famous "surreal" appearance (Life magazine in comments to photos incorrectly assumed that they were "a little out of focus"). Fifty years later the director Steven Spielberg on the set of the Normandy landings scene from the movie "Saving Private Ryan" has tried to recreate the effect of the photos of Robert Capa, removing lens cameras protective film for the effect of "smearing».


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