Protiva water — the Secret of centenarians

Protiva water ( or light water, or melt water) is "living" water from fairy tales and legends.

Use proteios water:

Such water is recommended to drink centenarians.

At its regular use reduces fatigue and rejuvenates the body.

In the day you should drink 1-1,5 liters of light water. Following such a regime has in a short time you can feel its beneficial effects on the body.

You must separate the dead (heavy) water from easy (melt, protieae) of water. In General, the speed of lowering the level of deuterium in the body depends on the weight of a particular person and the amount they drink water.



Cooking photievoy water at home:

To photievoy water at home is easy.

To do this, put a spring (or boiled and settled tap water) water in an enamel or glass container in the freezer. Once near the walls of the first ice is formed, the capacity of take out and pour water in another pot, which again put in the freezer. The ice left in the previous container, is discarded. This ice consists of molecules of heavy water (deuterium) as it freezes at a temperature of +3,8°C, and the water necessary for the body freeze at -1°C.

Pure heavy water looks no different from ordinary water, but is a deadly poison to all living organisms. However, in nature in this form it is not found In the average drinking water for 99.7% of light water, the rest of the heavy water. It would seem that such a small percentage, but enough so that heavy water has had a powerful negative impact on all living things. This percentage we separate the first freeze.

The freezing procedure continues. When the water in the pan freeze until half or two thirds of that capacity out and unfrozen water is poured. It is an easy water, besides containing a variety of impurities.

Remaining in the vessel is proteva ice water, purified of contaminants 80% and containing 16 milligrams of calcium per liter of fluid. The most optimal for human life, the amount of calcium should be 8-20 mg/l. SUBSCRIBE to OUR youtube channel that allows you to watch online, download from YouTube free video about the recovery, the rejuvenation of man. Love for others and ourselves,
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What are the advantages of a lightweight (proteios) water:


  • The viscosity of the light water is less than conventional, therefore, its penetration through cell membranes is easier, thereby increasing the speed of water exchange in the body.
  • Protiva water gives good therapeutic effect in the treatment of urolithiasis and other kidney diseases.
  • Also easy water promotes normalization of metabolism, reduce blood sugar in people with diabetes of the second type, helps rapid healing and recovery of muscle and bone tissue after injuries.
  • It normalizes blood pressure, increases efficiency, helps to adjust weight.
  • She quickly eliminates the signs postecoglou abstinence, perfectlycleanses the body of toxins and impurities.
  • It enhances the action of medicines, has anti-inflammatory properties,
  • It normalizes lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, improves the work gastrointestinal tract.
  • Eating increases the body's resistance to negative environmental influences.
  • Light water increases the resistance of cells when exposed to various poisons.
  • It helps to recover faster after intense exercise, valitsivat energy resources of the body and improves overall health.published

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