A giant asteroid will approach the Earth on March 8

The asteroid entered in the register as 2013 TX68, was opened in the fall of 2013.

It has a diameter of about 30 meters, 10 meters more than the famous Chelyabinsk meteorite.

However, the danger for earthlings 2013 TX68 is not: danym specialists of the National Aeronautics and space administration (NASA), the asteroid will fly past Earth.

The day of closest approach is up to 5 million km — will be on March 8.

To see the object will be possible only with special telescopes.

The trajectory of the asteroid is calculated for decades ahead. The following convergence 2013 TX68 are due on 28 September 2017, and even then the chances of it falling on the Ground will be approximately one to 250 million.published

Author: Anastasia Barinova


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Source: www.nat-geo.ru/universe/848249-gigantskiy-asteroid-priblizitsya-k-zemle-8-marta/


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