27 bad habits that steal our happiness

Have you ever wondered why some of our habits we believe are harmful, others helpful?

The answer is simple. Good habits help us get what we need and bring us closer to happiness. They make us better people: stronger, confident, implemented and effective.

And harmful, on the contrary, interfere with, hinder the realization of the conceived and distance us from happiness, making us weaker, more vulnerable, unstable.

Let's get rid of habits that hinder us to be happy:

1. To endure what you don't like.

2. To communicate with people who kill your self-esteem.

3. Think about what others will say.

4. Try to keep everything under control.

5. To go with the flow and choose the path of least resistance.

6. To keep her mind and all feelings to myself.

7. Afraid to take risks.

8. To think only about others and not about yourself.

9. Try to please everyone.

10. Forget about relatives and parents.

11. Spend all your free time within four walls.

12. Constantly in a hurry.

13. To condemn yourself.

14. To be afraid of mistakes.

15. To say "I can not" and set yourself up for failure.

16. To compare yourself with others.

17. To dwell on the past.

18. Think only about the future.

19. To complain about life.

20. To keep a grudge.

21. To buy and store unnecessary things.

22. Do it all yourself.

23. Trying to be perfect.

24. To shift the responsibility to others.

25. Think about the bad.

26. Envy.

27. Frown.published


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