Top 10 science experiments for kids: interestingly, safely and economically

Along with a popular blogger, and mom, Diana Peshkova we will tell you how to spend 10 scientific and entertaining experiments for children: interestingly, safely and economically.

Hits drawing

The regular ice from the freezer, and pieces. Sprinkle with salt for effect and are beginning to paint. Out like hard candy. Then with a spoon cut out and put cups with water, mix colors.

You can make a large piece of ice and paint it.

And for those who miss the snow — you can make your own — mix and 1.5 boxes of baking soda and almost a whole can of shaving foam. Dirty but new tactile sensations pleasant. Perfectly molded, fray. After that — just a shower and a MOP.

You can make a card and learn how willow blossoms. Draw a twig with leaves when the paint dries, the top of the gure covers the wax white pencil or RUB with candle wax. Then a good layer of gouache drawing willow, dorisovyvaet buds and twigs, all dried and ready. Take a coin and wash the kidney in the lottery. The final image is clean.

Animating objects

Blooming daisies — cut flowers out of plain office paper, folding each petal and put in water and observe.

As caterpillar come to life — easy and fun. Dripping with water and paint on prepared paper from the tubes. Pressed tubes start to crack.

Eggs of ants

Make eggs out of the soda. They "hide" a toy ant. Throw in water with citric acid, the longer it is, the better the effect. Good pop at it. In this way, we got turtles and dinosaurs, they are cut out of paper. Hands to touch you, do not worry, the main thing is not to bathe there, well and beware of splashes. Recommend not to quit, and slowly lower into the water. For toddlers, put a little soda.

Who will win?

Take a deck of cards and blow in turn from every angle — who's who. Excellent breathing exercises.

Game from nothing

The game of nothing — always is a delight. You need to build a tower, you have to get rid of all the slips of paper to the cups formed at each other. To play enough of 4 Cup and 3 squares of paper. Cups fit both plastic and paper. For older kids you can make a very real competition. Actually, it's not as easy as it seems. The game trains your patience, speed and agility.

Giant "hydrogel"

You will need: a balloon, food gelatin — 50 g, the vortex, dye, scissors, a bowl. Gelatin pour into a balloon through a funnel. It just fits in there completely. Add a few drops of food coloring. Further, the ball pulls on the faucet with hot water. You must drain it to the boiling water! Fill to the desired size. Drain the air from the ball and tie the knot. Two hour wait until the gelatin swells well in a ball, periodically crumple and twist, shaking. Put in refrigerator until set, preferably overnight.

The most important thing now — the right to withdraw ready-made "hydrogel" of the ball. Get it out of the fridge and dip in hot water for 10 seconds to a little gelatin melted and easily slipped out of the ball. Now pull back on the puck with a knot as hard as you can and cut it with scissors. It should be done, putting the ball on the surface. In a split second after we cut off the puck, jelly POPs out of the ball. You can play for a long time. To the game to continue later, put a "hydrogel" in the fridge.

Focus "a rocket blasting off"

Take a double tea bag, cut it at the top where it is fastened by clip (bag after cutting off the top should turn into the tube, i.e. to focus taped in the middle of the bags will not work). Pour tea into a Cup or teapot. One edge of the tea bag trim with scissors to make the bag could stand upright and he stood steadily. The second edge can be left as is, and you can bend the corners to the middle. You can paint the rocket with markers.

Now ready to carry the rocket to the launch site (safer — in the kitchen on the table), mounted on a platform (on a saucer), from top to ignite (to ignite be very careful to ensure that the rocket did not fall, otherwise the trick will not work). Light the bag and to do this experience only for adults!

How does it happen? The combustion air is heated and rises, forming a stream of hot air. When the bag burns and the weight becomes so that this thread can lift it, light remains almost burnt bag also rises.


Experiment with Skittles. Candy covered 50% with water at room temperature. Make conclusions together with the children.

Origami hodonice

Origami hodonice made in 2 minutes from a sheet 21*21 cm

Home ice rink

Is done very easily. Without slides, but it is probably the thing. Fill half-liter plastic water bottle, freeze it at an angle, but to keep the water in the neck is not swelled. Continue to cut and remove the ice. Put ice on the inverted container and fill with water. The container on the bottom has a border of 1.5 cm, but can be done on a tray or in the container. A container on a balcony. Everything turned out cast.

Skaters — shaped ice tray filled with water with the little "LEGO". Under the container festoon blue. Magic, very impressive and beautiful. published


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