How to make homemade tarragon: drink recipe

Tarragon, like other signs of the Soviet era, is now in Vogue. However, if to modern taste "Tarragon" from the store, you can be disappointed. Especially if you loved him in the Soviet childhood. And can homemade tarragon yourself? Get us the recipe of your favorite drink.


Tarragon: the history of the emerald soda

For the first time the green Tarkhun hissed lively bubbles on the tongue Mitrofan Lagidze, Tbilisi pharmacist and entrepreneur. He was the first in 1887 came up with the idea to refuse foreign chemical essences that were used in carbonated drinks and replace them with natural extracts of fruits and berries.

Know-how is appreciated, and already in 1913 the "Lagidze Waters" win gold prizes at the international exhibitions, supplied to the Russian Imperial court and the Shah of Iran.

Lemon, cherry, mint, "Isindi", "Cream soda", "Lemonade"... in the lab Lagidze was born all new recipes, soft drinks spread on French bottles and decorated with the slogan: "Ask for all and beware of imitations".

Main consultants is were French, but they are not smart enough to use your favorite tarragon soda.

Tarragon – tarragon Caucasian name, plants of the genus Artemisia. Helps to improve appetite and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

How to make homemade tarragon

Read the part of the tarragon in the directory, 1984: sugar, infusion of tarragon, citric acid, vanillin, alcohol for its dissolution, carbon dioxide and dyes Indigo Carmine and tartrazine. Now compare this formulation with store labels...

Even after a recipe is difficult to achieve the same "taste of childhood". Business as usual in raw. Is water, the quality of which used to be treated very tenderly, two – terenowy extract for cooking that is good only one variety of tarragon, grown only in Georgia.

However, we are not timid and lazy! We'll try it.

Crumble in a mortar leaves 1 large bunch of tarragon 2-3 tbsp brown sugar, add 1-2 slices of lemon or lime and a pleasant soul mineral or soda. Add color and flavor you can use Apple juice or Granny to find original syrup "Tarragon" from the manufacturer. And when things start to pry the recipe, follow the example of old Lagidze and laughing, tongue out. The secret of this taste, as before, on the very tip.published


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