Education of honesty: the best books for children

Not always and not all parents can find the right words to explain to a child why you can't do that, and so can you. Because the world is not monochrome, but black and white there are many color nuances.

About the influence of books on children and the formation of personality, upbringing tale written volumes of pedagogical literature, but even if you did not get to read it, you will surely remember with what pleasure the child was trying on different roles, becoming in their dreams to the heroes of favorite books.

So don't just talk about what is good and what is bad, but to reinforce it all the book stories.

Books that I want to remember today, different in nature and time when they were written. They have in common one thing — they do not just entertain. They make you think.

Some of the more didactic books, and in reading them you understand why cheating is bad and see who did what. Other cause a child to commit a kind of spiritual assault.

As a result of which he not only learns to develop his ability to empathize with others, and absorb and clear life guidelines.

1. Mikhail Zoshchenko "Lola and Minko"

2. Arkady Gaidar "Chuk and GEK"

3. Vladimir Zheleznikov "Freak of the sixth "B","

4. Vladislav Krapivin "the Boy with the sword", "the side where the wind"

5. Leonid Panteleev "Honestly".published



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