In Innopolis an automatic charging station drones

Researcher of University of Innopolis Igor Danilov figured out how to increase the time of drones. His idea is to create charging stations that drone will find on their own, without human intervention. At the station, the discharged battery will be replaced with new ones within one minute the copter will be ready to continue the flight.

According to Danilova, short operation time on one battery is the main issue of drones. To increase this characteristic, the inventor intends using the project to create an automated charging station, which is called "automatic battery replacement quadcopter".

"Today man is forced to put the quadcopter on the ground and reload it every 30-40 minutes of work, says the author of the project. — Thanks to our development of drone will automatically find the location of the base station without human intervention to land on her where the discharged battery is automatically replaced by new ones and the copter could fly."

The whole procedure of replacing the battery will take only one minute. According to Danilov, in the world there are several analogues of the system, however, the Russian development is cheaper.

To change the battery in the drone lands on a retractable landing platform, which then slides into the warm compartment, which contains a set of charged batteries. Inside the compartment popped the battery is used, it is replaced by a new one, after which the landing platform once again pushed to the outside.

The project received a development grant in the amount of 300 thousand rubles from the organizers of the all-Russian youth educational forum "Territory meanings." Despite this, the question of financing remains open — to the idea need 4.5 million rubles. With the desired amount, the system will be ready in a year, says Danilov.

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