Terracotta Army

Terracotta Army - a burial at least 8099 full-size terracotta statues of Chinese warriors and their horses, found near the tomb of Qin Shi Chinese Emperor Huang Di, near Xi'an in 1974. Terracotta statues were buried with the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty - Jine Shi Huang in 210-209 years. to NE. They were discovered in March 1974 by local farmers during the drilling of artesian wells east of Mount Lishan. Warriors and Horses Terracotta Army were made in different parts of China. Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences has made this conclusion by comparing the samples and the dissemination of pollen from the article. Researchers vyyasnili.chto horses produced directly next to the necropolis is likely to facilitate their transportation (horse sculpture weight about 200 pounds), statues of warriors lighter, their weight is about 135 pounds and the place of their production is still unknown.


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