The reason for yesterday's traffic jams on the Ring Road

I think of those who went tonight on the inner ring of the Moscow Ring very interested by what they were in the area from Kashyrsk to Warsaw highway. Press as always in the pursuit of material straight from the tin hurried and gave false information about the collapse of a pedestrian bridge. I think already on the first photo you can see that no pedestrian bridge here and does not smell, but like a collapse too. At 18.01 on the 33 kilometer MKAD took concrete mixer «IVECO», whose unbuttoned his safety strap trunk (which is served by the concrete itself, as I understand it) and hit the pipe heating plant, which is owned and bring down a communication bridge. As a result, this concrete mixer blocked traffic in two lanes of the road. As a result of the accident the driver suffered only concrete mixer, but his life is not in danger.
For sending photos thank you Hope!


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