Thirty-five. Went to surrender

Anatoly Golubovskiy

Tears Dec templates to shreds, pouring rain non-stop.
She dreamed that night of the twenty-first trick
My mother says sister gave birth to the second.
Very nice habit is to raise two topics again

Again — about her husband, two grandchildren about. No, not too late. Yeah, not bad.
He bores me to hiccups. Well, let them bitch.
Bong to score now would be somewhere in hidden remains
How to live with other women? Learn to beat on pity...

Well, simply foolish, to take — figure out the "pretenders"?
Dark Vlad, married George. Igor — no comments.
Stas — cheerful, with the torso of a God, but in fact — in the wind
Mike — in bed, in the den. I mean, in the sack. Even in the summer

Flimsy Mark. It would be desirable to sob and to hold
Sasha... yeah!!.. but this beauty does not ring so a month, bitch.
Only this one... As though to call him, by the way?
Woodpecker, damn... digging all summer. In October came to the bed...

Pomusolit calendar. Mom in the PM to unsubscribe
"Don't forget me to congratulate me. Thirty-five. Went to surrender"


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