14 things that are silent Olympic champions


life of this athlete is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Future and present champions have to sacrifice many things that most people do not reflect. Therefore, Website a secret to tell you about the 14 things that are silent Olympic champions.

We had a child to learn to be adults. e63fd70926.jpg

Walk through a lot of trauma and make a lot of bruises, before you even learn something. c438352ba8.jpg

We have to stick to a strict diet, food choice is already made for us. 7d73522449.jpg

Sometimes it seems that you have no privacy, because all you're doing - this train. 27a442b797.jpg

We are proud of our calluses, because it is an indicator of the work done. adc81358b4.jpg

By the way, not everyone wants to go to the Olympics, some just love the sport. 4706823c20.jpg

Being an athlete - it means taking a bath with ice more often than hot. 34a4846743.jpg

We are always worried about their comrades. 5c348e9166.jpg

Externally often differ from others, and it's embarrassing. f0485f4012.jpg

no matter how many times jumped, still the height scares you. 89b5f62052.jpg

In fact, we do not feel very comfortable myself half-naked in front of millions of people and lenses. b86861fde4.jpg

The same athletes - it's best friends. Of course, this is a competition, but in most cases it is a competition with yourself. 37ea7eb8e8.jpg

And our coaches - it is one of the closest people. 71fb16e15c.jpg

How much do you love your sport, is so hard to leave you behind. 6e7559a817.jpg

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