As E.Ryazanov rented plane landed on the highway "Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia

According to the director Eldar Ryazanov, the film "Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia" there is no combination of the frame - all the tricks were "clean." The audience did not have to have a reason to say: "This is a scam, here we are deceived, that's all - machinery cinema" - so decided to creators. And the most difficult trick - was landing the plane on the highway. In the world cinema still has not been such a frame made for real, not by the combined shootings ...

The fact that when the jet aircraft sits on a runway of the airport, the impact force is such that the thickness of the concrete or asphalt should be at least 70-80 centimeters. Highway with a deep coating does not exist. In addition to strategic secret. There the course was closed from civil - no freeway to multi-ton landing of Tu-134 was not suitable

Having considered all options, the makers have decided to "make up" for the highway strip airfield. With runway track markings removed, spotlights and other aircraft designations. Painters drew white lines on the concrete, which is usually painted on the highway

Along the strip planted trees, we set the traffic lights, kiosks, a barrel of kvas, and pointer "Moscow - 140 km." But the main thing - you need to land the plane among the traveling vehicles. What the pilot will be decided on this?

Trick shot at Ulyanovsk airport, at school, civil aviation pilots. Deputy Head of the School of Ivan Antonovich Taraschan suggested: "Take a letter from the Ministry of Civil Aviation, which will allow me to fly with the instructions, and I will do the trick." But when the filmmakers have given a hint of this in the ministry with them just did not talk. "This is extremely dangerous! It is forbidden! "- Categorically stated there. No one wanted to risk ... Among the leaders of the civil aviation madman was not found. So Ryazanov and company arrived in Ulyanovsk without ministry letter

Pilot Ivan Antonovich Taraschan initially refused to comply with the request - to land the plane on the runway on which the cars will go. But somewhere deep down wonderful pilot wanted to take a trick, what no one has ever played. Realizing the great responsibility that rests on it, he demanded: "Machinery - only cars, for handlebars - only pilots: in this emergency, it will be easier to navigate quickly and accurately»

Summoned all the pilots who have private cars, and "mobilized" to shoot them. Along the edges of the runway toward each other running cars and Taraschan perfectly planted a giant ship. In the press I've seen that trick shot six doubles, and all six times Taraschan perfect planting machine. But I do not think that the Italian producers, to save on everything, allocated funds for six takeoffs airliner. And the complexity of the danger of the trick, I think, it eliminates the possibility of a six-fold repetition

Later in the film footage followed, as the Tu-134 traveling on the highway, the cars scurrying beneath his wings, overtaking, the plane passes through the streets of the town. These passages were taken on a standby airfield strip, where they built houses scenery, set the traffic lights. On sidewalks hurry people fleeing children, for kvass queued. And in all this kind of street bustle plane giant looks independent, good-natured and funny giant among Lilliputians - cars and people ...

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