Preparing for the holiday: 10 ways to gently tuck into a suitcase the whole apartment

Who does not stand the hair on my head stand on end the day before the holiday, or the robot, or a bag of light coming from the Duty Free. < Website publish useful instructions from Adme blog for your readers. These illustrative examples will help to really "push nevpihuemoe" even in small-sized suitcase.

Pack rolls instead of stacked

To wear less myalas and occupied a minimum of space in your suitcase, it is better to roll into tight rolls and not put a pile on top of each other.

So in a small suitcase vlezut 3 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of pants, three pairs of jeans, skirt, leotard 2, 3 summer sweaters, 10 t-shirts, shirts 5, 4 dresses.

Use vacuum bags 43,684,907

Vacuum compression packages will help to carry bulky items, eg a jacket, children's clothing, children's soft toys or bedding. And all this with their help, it only takes a small part.

On the way back can be folded into the packets dirty things.

Learning principle of a "pyramid"

Suitcase laid along the walls of footwear, then put the whole length of the bottom of long items such as pants or sundress, so that the edges can be packed to cover the entire garment. They put the rolls nemnuschihsya things, then rolls easier and shrinkable clothes.

Finish the "pyramid" easily shrinkable things, cosmetics, documents, fragile little things.

Say "no" umbrella

Do not drag a vacation favorite Umbrella and make a choice in favor of a slicker, which takes minimal space in your suitcase. You can even buy some disposable raincoats for the tour and just throw them out after the rain.

Buy a mini-version of cosmetics

No matter how much I wanted to take home all your favorite moisturizers have to sacrifice them for the sake of other more necessary things. To travel buy mini-versions of your favorite tools.

Proper packaging detail

Spread pendrive, notebook, pins, stockings, socks, sun glasses and a conventional separately inside the shoe, in cosmetics, in the folder with the documents in the pockets of the suitcase. Little things like earrings and rings put in tabletochnitsu.

Hangers valuable things

Laying rolls is not suitable for classic shirts, jackets and cocktail dresses, if you want to take them in decent form. They take the trunk or holdall, which can be easily hung on a hook in any plane or train.

Ā«MinimizeĀ» pharmaceutical agents

All the medicine chest are not trying to fit into a suitcase. Take one blister of each drug required. This will be enough in case you suddenly something somewhere to grab.

It is convenient to put blisters in shoes, wrapped in sandwich bags.

Do not leave empty spaces

Even if you want to leave room for holiday gifts, do not need to leave voids between things, otherwise they strongly pomnutsya and crumpled.

The most convenient way to fill the void with small items of clothing or wrapping paper.

Waives certain things

Cover of notebook carrying case from the camera, hair dryers, and guides can stay home. Laptop and camera wrapped in a soft steam or hoodie, hair take in the hotel and guides in advance stored electronically.

Flip flops for the beach, diving goggles, sunscreen, children's toys and straw hat does not drag with them and buy on the spot

6 more secret bonuses:. 74,513,345

  • If the chargers, headphones and other cables to wrap around an old credit card, they do not get confused.
  • If the fragile glass object put into a sock and then boot it, even with the strongest shaking will not break.
  • If a pair of shoes to lay down in a disposable cap for the bathroom, the shoes do not stain other things.
  • If the socks folded into a favorite bra, a mailing cost it is not deformed. < /
  • If you unscrew the cap from the shampoo or shower gel, wrap the thread a piece of edible film and then put on a cap, they are not exactly razolyutsya in the way and does not stain clothing.
  • If the thin chain threaded through the straw for cocktails and fasten, they are not confused with each other.



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