25 years ago, was released "Terminator 2: Judgment Day." 9 chic facts about the cult movie

July 1, 1991 viewers around the world were shocked by the new film by James Cameron. This ingenious man is shooting a film is not often, but certainly when it gets down to business, you can be quite sure he probably something amazing in store for you. This is what happened that day. Despite the fact that the spectators were already familiar with the robot-killer, Cameron managed to surprise them by removing the smart, successful film with deep meaning and special effects, which the world had never seen.

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1.. Quotes that with a straight face says Arnold Schwarzenegger, scattered around the world. «I'll be back", "Come with me if you want to live" and "Hasta la vista, baby" has firmly entered into the everyday life of thousands of people who do not know that use very expensive word. Fee Schwarzenegger for the film made approximately $ 15 million, but he said the frame 700 words. One word was worth $ 21, 429, and the expression «Hasta la vista, baby» - as much as $ 85, 716.

2. In "Terminator 2" was widely used work -twin roll cast in the film version, we have seen two such points:. Guard psychiatric hospital sees T1000, turned into a psychiatric hospital security guard. It's twins Don and Dan Stanton Stanton. A second moment of Sarah Connor is trying to fill up T1000, turned it herself. Linda Hamilton has a twin sister, Leslie Hamilton, and the scene they also played together.

3. Edward Furlong drove the crew a lot of trouble. Not only did he constantly truant from work, sitting at the computer club (which is, in principle, it was predictable, given that Cameron even casting invited him, seeing the doors thereof places ), so he had taken and raised during the filming. This is evident if you carefully look at the scene in the desert. At the same time he began to break down a voice to the poor and the sound engineer who originally leveled all the records on the level of the usual children's squeak, had several times to reconfigure all the equipment. In the end, this deal gave up and decided it would be cheaper to just overdubbed John Connor. As a result, we hear real voice Furlong only in one scene - when he explains why people cry Terminator


4. Fun on the set of added and other actors. For example, a machine gun Terminator, made to order, was so severe that no one other than Schwarzenegger, he could not raise. If an actor after a hard day left him not in place, and decorators had to change the situation on the ground - work rose, while Arnie did not return and did not lift the heavy accessory


5. For the filming of a nuclear explosion in Los Angeles built a model made primarily of crackers and matzos The American nuclear experts still believe that the nuclear explosion -.. The most naturalistic feature film

6. The roar of the engine of the truck, which travels T1000, added roaring lions. That was terrible. For voice shotgun, from which firing Terminator took the amplified sound of a shot of two guns. Cameron felt that the original sound of the shot is not enough for the brutal killer robot. Known metallic ringing of the main theme song composer Brad Fiedel created by tapping on the microphone cast-iron frying pan. A sound that can be heard in the transformation of T-1000, all created with the help of a condom: it put on the microphone, and then immersed in this hooligan design oatmeal


7. For the filming of the scene, where the T1000 fall off his hands, hired armless people with disabilities who have made special collapsing dentures. Wild dying screams villain boiling in the molten metal, painted himself Cameron, reasoning that no one but he is not able to understand the suffering of a dying robot.

8. Robert Patrick is very serious attitude to the role. To create a computer model of the T-1000, its three days filming a special three-dimensional scanner in the nude, as a result of which he earned bronchitis. And to make your character even more terrifying, Patrick studied the habits of animals. He turns his head, as the American Bald Eagle, and the crowd looks for John Connor as a shark, "herding" the victim.

9. But Arnold Schwarzenegger is not worried about acting, and that is the second time does not play too goodie He agreed to the shooting, Cameron said as follows:. "First, I want to be a good robot. So my character does not have to kill anyone. And, secondly, I wish to receive payment instead of money plane. Gulfstream III, a very nice model, just recently looked after. " Cameron decided that in comparison with the quirks of some stars Arnie requirements are quite innocent, and agreed. Terminator did not kill anybody, Schwarzenegger got his personal plane, all were satisfied.

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