Children's cardiologist: why it is needed, early diagnosis and treatment sordechno disease in children?

Diseases of the cardiovascular system every year detected in a growing number of children.

With the help of modern technology diagnosis of heart diseases becomes possible even in the prenatal period. Parents have many questions: "What do I do next?", "Is it dangerous?", "Who can help a child?". The answer is very simple. Such a specialist as pediatric cardiologist every year is gaining popularity among young mothers.

Inspection pediatric cardiologist is not mandatory. However, pediatricians are urged to visit the pediatric cardiologist if:
1.U immediate family of diseases of the circulatory system;
2.infektsionnyh diseases in the mother during pregnancy, which could adversely affect emerging cardiovascular system;
3.vrednyh habits of the mother (smoking, alcohol and drugs).

Congenital malformations in babies.
Most of them are threatened with newborn life and require urgent surgical intervention. That is why it is so important early visit to the children's cardiologist, because it affects not only the life expectancy as well as the quality of Inspection

vracha.Opytny pediatric cardiologist will examine the baby.: Children ctetofonendoskopom listen to his heart, then measure the pulse rate and blood pressure , pobeceduet with their parents, who in turn will be able to ask the doctor of all your questions. Then the cardiologist will appoint an additional examination methods (electrocardiography, chest radiography, echocardiography, vascular ultrasound of the heart, as well as special testy- Holter monitoring) in order to obtain the largest possible amount of information about the patient malenkom.
All the results of the studies pediatric cardiologist will discuss with parents prescribe further treatment and will provide detailed recommendations for the further recovery of the child.


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