7 ways to help your child cope with the heat of Dr. Komarovsky

hot summer days the kids parents are concerned about one thing - how to create a comfortable environment for their offspring

Website divided the recommendations of the candidate of medical sciences Komarovsky Eugene O. on how to help. child transfer heat.

Choosing air conditioning

Air conditioning for the room in which the child is better suited fan. It is important to control only the basic parameters -. Temperature and humidity



The optimum temperature - 18 degrees. Moisture - not below 40%. Determine the values ​​to help thermometer and hygrometer and adjust -. Air conditioning control mode and a humidifier or frequent cleaning

Remember moderation

The temperature should be reduced gradually. If the room is 30 ° C and should be reduced to 24 ° C, the first air-conditioning should be set to 28 ° C in half an hour - 26 ° C, and only then -. 24 ° C

often ventilated

The room should be occasionally arrange drafts: air conditioning and fan air dried

not zealous

. The spray should be directed to the air conditioner so that it does not impinge on a child or a baby cot.

Setting up a water treatment

Useful cool bath or shower for 1 1-2 minutes every 1-2 hours. Wipe vigorously child does not need to because the water evaporating from the skin - a great way to activate the heat

And do not forget about the abundant drinking

. The kid needs a lot of drinking. Children under 1 year of still mineral water is suitable neutral taste, and those who are older, - a little salty or soda. Possible options - compote of fresh or frozen fruits and berries contain high amounts of potassium; teas with herbs. The number of drinking will determine the child himself. An important rule of thumb is not to force the baby, and offer him drinks

. Most importantly - remember that if parents hot, the baby is very hot. Air conditioning is not evil, and in compliance with simple rules is safe for the child.

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