Copyright Bears Anastasia Kuptsova

The author of its products: "My bears, as befits the author's works, made by me from beginning to end, including the creation of original patterns. I work in the traditional manufacturing technique Teddy Bear (Teddy Bear), which has remained largely unchanged for over a hundred years. The basis of this technique is hinging legs and head, that is all part of the body bear rotate 360 ​​degrees. By the way, a hundred years ago, thanks to the hinges bears, match the circus, stood up on his hind legs and become more "humane" way. And now affectionate name "Teddy" called all the teddy bears that were released commercially in a toy factory.
I sew themselves bears mohair produced in Germany. For those who do not know, this fabric has a natural bristle angora and produced in a large range exclusively for bears. For accessories, I also try to use natural materials (wool, cotton, leather, etc.) Almost all the bears I make in a single copy, which is confirmed by the copyright certificate attached to each work. »


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