How now looks and what to do My growing Stars "Jumble"

"Boys and girls, as well as their parents ..." - this cheerful song remembers every heart, whose childhood had on the 90s. Children's humorous newsreel "Jumble", the idea of ​​which is owned by Boris Grachevsky, was something of a "wick" programs for children that each of us watched with open mouth sitting at the TV. Actors who aroused sympathy among many of us have long grown up and now they look like and what they do today.

Alexander Loye - '32


Red-freckled Sasha German name appeared in "Jumble", but the high point of Man came in 1993 after the release of soda advertising. Now the 32-year-old Loye continues to act in films and serials.

Kirill Emelyanov - 25 years


In the "Jumble" Cyril began acting in 9 years. There Emelyanov met with Sasha Golovin, his future partner in the drama "The Bastards" and the series "Kadetstvo", which made the children of Russian schoolgirls idols. Later Kirill chose to work at the theater (only occasionally actor acted in small roles in small projects). Now the 25-year-old Cyril and his wife, actress Catherine Direktorenko and has two sons.

Alexander Golovin - 27 years


Sasha - one of stellar comic magazine immigrants. Breakthrough projects actor after "Jumble" steel war drama "bastards" and the teen series "Kadetstvo" Golovin and still firmly entrenched in the main part of the franchise Christmas "Christmas Tree».

Pavel Stepanov - '52


Bright and charismatic Stepanov has built his acting career on numerous episodes in which played the comical cops, drivers, bullies. As an adult, the actor went on to play in the "Jumble", but Stepanov not only engaged in the shooting. Paul graduated from the Polytechnic Institute, and now it is the main area of ​​repair radio. "Incoming Option on the acting department I saw, but when he came back from the army, acting activity retreated in my life by the wayside, began to be perceived as part of the childhood of the past, as a hobby. That's why I opted for engineering, "- said Stepanov

. Paul Cassino - 39 years


Another bully "Jumble" is now the star series. You see the moth "roof of the world 'Cassino project," SashaTanya "," Traffic Light "and" Soldiers ". However, the profession of Cassino was still not at the acting faculty: Paul studied at the Institute of Television and for a time worked as a PR specialist

. Fedor Stukov - '43


Redhead Fyodor as they mature managed to maintain professional relevance. The boy was born in the family, far from the cinema. Mother Theodore was literary editor, father - an engineer. Stukov began acting in film in seven years, and then entered the Higher Drama School Shchukin. He played in the German theater "wörrstadt" was the leading popular programs "Lego-ho!", "Till 16 and older", "World lotteries." Now Fedor prefers directing. His debut work was the reality show "Behind the Glass". Later, he switched to a comedy series, removing the blockbuster "How I Met Your Mother," "The eighties" and "Fizruk».

Mikhail Kazakov - 28 years


Michael, who became famous after starring in the series "Father's Daughter" in adult life made a choice in favor of business. Kazakov graduated from the Finance and Law Academy, and left the shooting in the past. 11 years ago, even before the shooting in "Father's Daughter", the actor's name was embroiled in criminal history. Kazakov fatally shot a young man who attacked the girl. Later the charges were dropped with the actor.

Anastasia Sivaeva - '24


Another star of "Daddy's daughters", which started with the "Jumble". Now Nastia often can be seen on the stage than on the screen.

Anna Tsukanov - 27 years


Anna graduated from the Shchukin School and became famous for roles in the films "The Brest Fortress", "Dark World: Equilibrium", "Five brides", "House of the Sun". Anna is married to 43-year-old director Alexander Kott, whom she met on the set of his film, being first-grader!

Sergey Shelgunov - 46 years


With acting in Shelgunova relationship did not exist: he tried to withdraw even in a pair of paintings, but filmography Sergei interrupted in 1991. What is now occupied by former "eralashovets" unknown.

Catherine Vulichenko - 36 years


Vulichenko Schepkinskoe graduated from college and now plays in the series. 8 years ago, Catherine had a son.

Velimir playing in a punk band, acted in television series and movies, and even the voice of the harmful Rusakov Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films.

Anton Kolesnikov - 32 years


Anton, though, and continued to appear more successful as an actor of dubbing.

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