Blood and Glamour Alternative fate of Disney Princesses

Mikey is a self-taught make-up artist working in the field of professional beauty makeup and special effects. Unlike many other cosmetic guru, it does not limit itself to neat glamorous appearance. Instead, she goes to scary, and sometimes downright rude effects. She shows her work on Youtube and Instagram, and she had more than one million followers.

Take a look at some of her amazing work, where she shows the glamorous side of her bloodied and creepy creatures. As the makeup artist herself: "The things that I showed were quite ugly»

№1 Snow Before and After eaten the poisoned apple 35,374,043

<. br> №2 Lana Del Rey Before and After the zombie apocalypse 41,901,128

№3 Rapunzel Before and After she got entangled in their own hair 5,062,331

№4 Mermaid Before and After it caught on a hook

№5 Elsa Before and After the frozen 28,912,674
< br> №6 Wicked witch Before and After melted in your own potion 62,444,437

№7 Barbie before and after plastic surgery 45,154,297

№8 Khalis before and after it became Dothraki Queen

№9 Merry clown before and after the horror movie 8,658,961

< №10 Queen of the ball before and after the battle for the crown 23,857,614

№12 Mermaid before and after exposure to toxic waste 86,931,320

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